Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) What is Snippetfox?

Snippetfox is a combination of Sticky Notes and Bookmark Manager. You create Link Boxes on the canvas by left-click, fill in a title and weblink (URL). When you press 'Go', it launches the weblink in the standard browser.

2.) How can I use Snippetfox as a Sticky Notes app?

You can resize Link Boxes either via mouse or set a default size in Tab Settings. If a Link Box has big enough height, a third textfield 'notes/ keywords' appears where you can write or dictate (fn+fn) a note.

3.) Are autosaves (safe) enough?

It is important to make your custom saves via 'Save Workbook'. First of all, autosaves are implemented for convenience reasons. When you close the app, it autosaves the context. When you start Snippetfox next time, the autosaved data will be loaded so that you don't have to select a file. The autosaving process is usually stable- but in very rare cases it *can* fail. It might happen like once per year under exceptional circumstances. Therefore, it is highly recommended to manually save the workbook whenever you make significant changes to your data.

4.) Does Snippetfox collect my data?

The main principle of Snippetfox is to respect user privacy. Snippetfox doesn't collect any personal data and doesn't even ask to create an account. Your input remains on your personal device.

5.) Can you provide some examples of what Snippetfox is useful for?

First of all, Snippetfox can be used as a Sticky Note app that offers unique features. Its canvas is 2D scrollable and can be expanded to very large sizes. There are many functionalities for working efficiently with notes and Link Boxes.

What I personally like to use Snippetfox for, is to collect links of my favorite videos. It provides a clean overview while the process of adding and loading video references only takes a few clicks. I also used Snippetfox to structure my software development. I added links to important API documentations, code samples or problem solutions that needed to be implemented for the project.

If you like card games like Hearthstone, you can use Snippetfox to store links of every deck that you are analyzing or working with (shown on a deck-builder website). If you follow the stock market, you can add links from multiple resources relating to the stocks on your watch list. You can collect hundreds of news-, gadget-, tech websites, or even search results.

6.) Are .snippetfox files encrypted?

Snippetfox doesn't have its own encryption. The '.snippetfox' files are stored as plain text using Json format with trimmed keys and can be viewed in text editors.

7.) Is there something I should not use Snippetfox for?

Since '.snippetfox' files are stored as plain text, you should not use the app for managing passwords or super-secret information. You are responsible for the input that you add and where you store the files, especially if you share your device or storage medium (like USB sticks or SD cards) with other people.

8.) How do I get Link Boxes with colored text fields?

Choosing a background color for text fields is not supported. However, there is a built-in algorithm that automatically adapts the text field color if the Link Box has a white or very light colored background.

9.) Can I request new features for Snippetfox?

I'm always reading the feedback- so feel free to tell me your ideas. However, downloading or purchasing Snippetfox doesn't include that I implement requested features into the app. Some add-ons might seem logical, but usually there are reasons why I wouldn't add them. They can affect the stability, the user experience, design or integrity of the app in ways that I don't like. Furthermore, even small changes can often take many workhours to be included- so I must consider whether I have the necessary energy for that, or if it generally makes sense.

10.) Can I modify '.snippetfox' files with a text editor?

'.snippetfox' files can be opened in text editors, but you shouldn't modify them, as the format can be damaged easily. If there's an error in the file- no matter how small- Snippetfox won't be able to load the workbook. In addition, it's usually very difficult to locate errors and repair '.snippetfox' files. Therefore, I highly recommend not to edit them.

11.) Is Snippetfox optimized for Dark Mode?

Snippetfox operates the same way in Dark Mode as in Light Mode. The user interface is not specifically optimized for Dark Mode, as most components have custom design- which means it would be extremely time consuming to repaint them for a secondary color configuration. Aditionally, it would create an aggravating overhead in the source code.

12.) Can I sync a Snippetfox workbook with other devices?

There's no built-in sync mechanism for Snippetfox and probably won't be added in the near future.

13.) Where can I contact you if I have questions?

You can send me an e-mail to snippetfox(at)