Frequently Asked Questions

Any brief first-step advice for Snippetfox?

It's quite easy to use. Choose a category. Load websites via GO. Use Link List to view all existing links of the topic. Find links by search phrase via Search Field. Scroll app right and left to navigate through the environment (horizontal scrollability).

What is Snippetfox?

The purpose of Snippetfox is to provide high quality link archives for general news and popular news topics like business, science, gadgets etc.. Snippetfox uses Hiuznote Link Manager to deploy these links. I created the project primarily for myself with the goal to get a better access to significant content than by querying search engines or combing through 3rd party websites. As I'm fairly pleased how Snippetfox served so far, I decided to make it public.

What is Hiuznote?

Hiuznote Link Manager is a browser application for collecting and managing weblinks in a visual context. A lengthy description and user manual are available in the Hiuznote section of the website. Some questions of significance about aspects and usage of the Hiuznote application are getting answered here in the FAQ section, as well.

What does Hiuz mean?

Hiúz means lynx in Hungarian. One could translate Hiuznote as Note with Lynx- derived from the purpose of the app: Create a Sticky Note, bind it to a URL and loose the lynx via GO.

What's the difference between Hiuznote and Snippetfox?

Snippetfox is a project for providing link collections and Hiuznote is the tool it uses for deploying and showing the links.

Is Hiuznote scrollable?

Hiuznote is only scrollable sideways, in left and right direction. While the height of the app has fixed metrics, the width of the space has no limitation and can be extended as much as necessary. This can be done by pressing 'Add Area', which adds 2000 pixel to the environment's right side, or via 'Settings'.

When I load a link collection from the Snippetfox website- can I edit/ customize them?

The instance of Hiuznote that gets loaded here is only for displaying the links. If you need to edit or customize the link collection, you need to 1.) copy the Storage-Text from 'Copy' 2.) run the standalone instance of Hiuznote (from the symbol on the right side of the Snippetfox website) and 3.) transfer the Storage-Text of the link collection into the standalone instance of Hiuznote via 'Load'.

Can Snippetfox be used on tablets or smartphones?

Yes. Snippetfox uses Hiuznote mainly for displaying and accessing purposes. Those functionalities of the application (Open Link, Link List, Search Link) work on most tablets and smartphones. However, Hiuznote has not been optimized for touch screens, which means that other features won't respond (like creating new link snippets, editing, changing settings etc.). The application itself only consists of components that are compatible with mobile devices, though.

Which frameworks have been used to develop Hiuznote?

Basically, Hiuznote consists of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Most of the application has been developed with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which is a Javascript framework (Java to Javascript compiler). Some lines of jQuery have been added as well, plus a Javascript color chooser.

Does Hiuznote upload data to a server?

No. Hiuznote works fully client-side and stores all data on user's computer/ device.

Why have you made Snippetfox/ Hiuznote client-side-only?

I wanted something lightweight (in terms of privacy). I don't want users to create accounts and upload password, private information etc. to my server. It's better when there's no registration and everything remains on their own computer (in the browser's Web Storage). So basically, the user only loads Hiuznote from my server and stores all data on their own device. No single piece of data is getting sent to the server except the request to start Hiuznote and display Snippetfox link collections.

Which further measures do you take to enhance security?

Among others, I don't use plug-ins like WordPress or equivalents which get attacked almost non-stop. I don't use server-side coding like PHP, Java EE etc. or databases like SQL for taking, managing or displaying content (and don't offer a prone environment with sessions, forums or user comments). I only use handcoded HTML, CSS and Javascript for Furthermore, I regularly check the "last updated" information of my files on the webserver in order to make sure that it was me who made that last update.

Why do Hiuznote archives get overwritten when I open multiple link collections from the Snippetfox page in different tabs?

This is quite a complicated question. Short answer: Only one link collection can be displayed at the same time. Opening a new one updates all tabs of the browser to the new state. The only exception is when you take different browsers or run two instances of the app. The Snippetfox-Hiuznote instance and the standalone Hiuznote client are different instances and don't interfere with each other even if they are on the same browser (however they fill the space of the same WebStorage, so that it's not feasible to create an infinite amount of app instances).

The scope of Hiuznote includes all tabs of a browser. This is because of the client-side-only architecture. It means that the only way to store data is using the browsers dedicated Web Storage with its limitations in size and usability. A possible solution would be to create a read-only Hiuznote that does not interact with the WebStorage. Currently I have no such version available, however.

Can you provide a raw list of the links as text file?

Sorry, no. The recommended Link List functionality of Hiuznote can be used to display every item of the topic. The associated websites can be opened with one click. Other than that, I can only provide the content of the homepage 'AS IS'.