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Launch of Snippetfox

The first version of Snippetfox got released on March 27th, 2017. Starting from here, I'm gradually improving the service by extending the link archives, upgrading the page design and giving Hiuznote further functionality and polish.

I plan to add further links to existing categories and introduce new archives for topics like big companies, renewable energy, Wikipedia lists and more. Currently, there are around 2300 links available for the categories: Worldwide News (English); German Newspapers; Computer, Tech & Gadget News; Business, Finance & Economy News; Research Institute News; Physics News; Chemistry News; Biology News; US Research University News and International University News.

I think, this is a decent starting point for offering a solid supply of information. The goal of Snippetfox is to provide access to enough high-quality content about interesting topics that the user can potentially keep reading the whole day without using up the stock.

Beside the link archives, I have released an upgraded version of Hiuznote Link Manager (a standalone client for editing your own weblinks). Hiuznote is a HTML/CSS/Javascript browser app that I've developed in 2012. Snippetfox uses this Hiuznote app for viewing the link contexts and utilizes further efficiency tools like a Link List or Link Search. In the section "Hiuznote" of the homepage, I explain in full detail how the app works. Furthermore, there is a "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" section where I discuss topic-related things about Snippetfox and Hiuznote.

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